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Release Date:2016-05-03

American researchers developed new GaN LED technology with double flux

Scientist at North Carolina State University has developed a new technology Milight, Futlight; it can significantly enhance the light-emitting diode brightness without increasing electricity Milight, Futlight. At the same time Milight, Futlight, with a special coating materials Milight, Futlight, this new LED and LED product are more stable and adaptable compared to the ordinary ones Milight, Futlight .Related papers published online in the internationally renowned chemistry journal “Langmuir” Milight, Futlight. The first author Milight, Futlight , North Carolina State University Dr. Stewart Wilkins said they achieved this purpose by coating a phosphonic groups on polar GaN semiconductor.Milight, Futlight Researchers first produce GaN by using multi-layer self-assembly technique Milight, Futlight, and then add organic phosphorus which contains phosphoric acid molecules Milight, Futlight, after that Milight, Futlight, coat it to the surface of GaN material Milight, Futlight. The gallium nitride improves semiconductor LED luminous efficiency Milight, Futlight, and phosphonic groups material ensures the stability of gallium nitride Milight, Futlight, makes it not easy to react with substances in the environment Milight, Futlight, which reduces the possibility dissolved in the solution. Milight, Futlight “Making the GaN more stable is important Milight, Futlight,” Wilkins said, “Because that makes it more viable for use in biomedical applications Milight, Futlight, such as implantable sensors Milight, Futlight.” According to analysis, compared with the common silicon semiconductor LED Milight, Futlight, gallium nitride can increase semiconductor LED light output Milight, Futlight. As if the same power consumption Milight, Futlight, the silicon semiconductor LED luminous flux can reach 1000 lumens Milight, Futlight, and gallium nitride semiconductor LED luminous flux is able to reach more than 2000 lumens Milight, Futlight. Therefore, gallium nitride semiconductor LED with higher luminous efficiency Milight, Futlight, and more energy efficient. In addition Milight, Futlight, gallium nitride LED also has smaller size, more light weight Milight, Futlight , and easier to achieve different integration. Milight, Futlight