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Improved Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control

Release Date:2016-06-17

Hubbell Updates HCS wiSCAPE Gateway for Improved Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control

Hubbell Control Solutions has announced an update to the wiSCAPE™ Gateway. The wiSCAPE system makes it easy to manage, monitor and measure wireless outdoor lighting networks. Hubbell Control Solutions leverages a history of innovation to create future-proof lighting controls.

Hubbell releases an update of its wiSCAPE Gateway thay enables better outdoor lighting control. (Hubbell Control Solutions/LEDinside)

The wiSCAPE Gateway manages up to 1,000 wiSCAPE fixture modules, controlling dimming, scheduling and motion detection features. For enhanced network management and security, the device operates on Windows 7 Professional Edition. IT Administrators can easily manage it as they do all the PCs on their network.

The wiSCAPE Gateway is now available with BACnet IP built-in support. This allows a Building Management System BACnet controller to see the Gateway as a BACnet device. After pairing, the BMS system can control individual fixture modules, groups of modules and execute scenarios with total granularity.

The wiSCAPE Gateway turns stand-alone fixture modules into a secure peer-to-peer, self-organizing and self-healing mesh infrastructure. The wireless distributed control technology adapts easily to complex situations for quick, simple and economical commissioning and operation. No control wiring is required for configuration.

The Gateway also includes the wiSCAPE View software suite. This provides facility managers real-time access and control over multiple wiSCAPE Gateways and individual fixtures from one location with map and satellite views.

Scalable solutions from HCS meet evolving building codes and regulations. Maximize your energy savings, receive intuitive asset management and open new lighting design possibilities. wiSCAPE solutions are optimal for a wide variety of applications including garages, parking lots and "at risk" locations. Control anything from a couple lights in an alley to street lighting across an entire city.



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