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Philips Unveils LED with Multiple Light Settings


Philips Lighting Unveils LED Light Bulb Range with Multiple Light Settings

• Launch of a new Philips LED bulb range, with multiple light settings, helps you adapt your home for work, rest and play and works with your existing switch

• International survey data from Ipsos says 55% seek the right light for a given task

Philips Lighting's SceneSwitch LED range offers different lighting settings for various ambient lighting applicaitons. (All photos courtesy of Philips Lighting)

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, has launched the new Philips SceneSwitch LED range – a unique range of light bulbs which provide multiple light settings, to meet the changing needs of homes and consumers. Many houses and flats have become multi-purpose spaces: somewhere to work, relax and entertain. The Philips SceneSwitch LED range caters for this need, allowing you to use your existing light switch to select the light scene best suited to a given task.

“Only 10% of consumers we’ve spoken to currently have the ability to dim light in their homes1. Our new LED range provides a solution to address this where you can easily change the setting from a bright light for concentration and detail, to a natural light, to a warm relaxing glow – all with a flick of the existing light switch. There is no need to install a dimmer, or make other dramatic changes to make rooms truly multi-functional spaces,” comments Mahesh Iyer, leader of Philips Lighting LED business group.

How the modern home impacts lighting

Housing shortages and soaring prices have led to more people sharing the same space at home, or staying in smaller houses as the next step on the property ladder becomes out of reach2. Recent Ipsos research reveals it’s not feasible to change lighting settings in many homes, despite the increasing need for multi-purpose spaces and an appetite to do so.

A bowl of potato chips illuminated under Philips SceneSwitch LED range.

Key report findings include:

  • External factors such as obtaining permission to make changes to a rental property, perceived expense of changing light switches, and lack of personal DIY knowledge, were cited as reasons preventing people from installing light fittings to match their living requirements.
  • Over three quarters (78%) of those surveyed in Germany do not currently have a dimmer, with almost a quarter of those without dimmers (22%) stating that it would be too much hassle for them to install one.
  • Whereas in France, 80% of those surveyed do not currently have a dimmer, with 11% of those without a dimmer citing personal DIY knowledge as hindering them from installing one.
  •  In Indonesia, 22%3 said that the main reason they would change their lamp was because the existing one could not be dimmed.
  • In the USA 60% of people surveyed don’t currently own a dimmer, with 13% of them stating that they were not allowed to change light fittings (e.g. by a landlord) to match their living requirements.

Etienne Zervaas, director at Ipsos, commented, “Recent Ipsos research4 shows an average of 50% of consumers face the challenge of wanting to adapt the function and mood of spaces in their homes, including selecting the right light for different tasks. At the same time, many people are tenants, not owners, of the property they live in5.”

A makeup bag and a cup of tea lit with Philips SceneSwitch LED range.

Multi-purpose living and the right light scene for the right task

The new Philips SceneSwitch LED range is plug and play. It enables people to switch lighting without requiring structural changes, installing a dimmer switch or spending a disproportionate amount of money, which can be unrealistic for many homeowners or people in rented accommodation. People simply use their existing light switch to select one of the scenes to quickly and effectively transform their room from somewhere to study, to somewhere to snuggle.

The Philips SceneSwitch range is designed to reflect the many and varied functions of rooms in modern-day homes. It has a memory function and includes three different light settings:

1. Bright light

Perfect for those occasions where you need to see every detail, such as applying make-up. The Philips SceneSwitch bright light setting, at 2700K/800Lm, provides a brighter more intensive light to help you focus and experience every detail.

2. Natural light

A setting that mimics natural light, which is ideal for reading a book. At 2500K/320Lm, it is a less intense, natural light which creates and inviting ambiance to wind down with a good book. The natural light setting is similar to a 40w bulb, and can be found between the other two settings.

3. Cosy, warm light

The rise in watching movies and on-demand TV6 at home, is another reason that the home has to be adaptable and provide a suitable space for getting comfortable and watching a film. The cosy warm glow, at 2200K/80Lm, is perfect for helping you relax and enjoy the moment.

Watch this YouTube video showing the three different light settings:


The Philips SceneSwitch LED range is available in the following variants: 60W bulb from July 12 2016, with a 40W candle and 50W spot available from September 2016.

* of consumers that currently use/have dimmers

1. Sources: Ipsos research across US, Germany, France conducted for Philips Lighting in December 2015, and Frost & Sullivan, The European market for dimmers 1st June 2011.

2. In 2014, 17.1% of people in the 28 EU countries lived in overcrowded dwellings (source: Eurostat)

3. Source: Ipsos research in Indonesia conducted for Philips Lighting Hue in May 2016.

4. Source: Ipsos research across US, Germany, France conducted for Philips Lighting in December 2015.

5. In 2014 nearly one third (30%) of people in the 28 EU countries were tenants, not owners, of the property they lived in (source: Eurostat)

6. Netflix is expected to reach 27,659,000 households in France, 38,000,000 households in the Nordics and 27,128,000 households in the UK. Currently, there are 36,265,000 Netflix subscribers in the USA (source: digital TV research). Netflix ended 2014 with 57.4 million subscribers worldwide — adding 1.9 million in the U.S. and 2.43 million internationally during the fourth quarter of 2014 (source: Variety)

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